Audio Recording

A lot of musicians and bands record their music at PB Music Studios.   We have been in our location for 2 decades and have accumulated a lot of vintage analog and modern digital gear and have a lot of people involved who are experts in almost anything related to recording.   You can of course, provide your own audio/video engineer or choose someone from a long list of professionals that we work with.     The Live room is 30′ x 70′ and with a 22′ ceiling, all carefully tuned over a lot of years with wood paneling and Auralex acoustical foam.


We have many instruments available from guitars, basses, violins to drums and percussion.

GuitarWall1 - Copy

We record through high end mics such including Shure, AKG,  ADK,  RODE,  Audix and many others and run most signals through a front end tube preamp before routing it to a digital or analog mixing board with digital effects and then into the computer running Pro Tools, Sonar, Cubase or Samplitude/Sequoia.





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